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We Personalize Each Treatment

Dr. Thomas at Breast Care Specialists of Carolina in Mooresville, North Carolina is an advocate for treating the whole person using an individualized and personalized approach for every single person.  She is committed to providing women with treatment options that suits their needs physically, emotionally and spiritually, while never compromising the quality of care provided.  Dr. Thomas is dedicated to providing both proper and timely breast cancer treatment which leads most women to go on and pursue rich and fulfilling lives.

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Biopsy Testing

We strive to avoid open operations for diagnosis, as the standard is now percutaneous guided breast biopsy.

Cancer Screening

Mammography is the most utilized form of breast cancer screening in the United States.

Breast Cancer

Many breast cancers are not only treatable but curable if diagnosed early.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing serves to determine if a patient is more susceptible to cancer due to a defect in their DNA.

Hidden Scar Center of Excellence

Dr. Princess Thomas has a commitment to excellence in breast cancer treatment and surgery surgery, and is hidden scar surgery certified. Dr. Thomas at Breast Cancer Specialists of Carolina implements the latest techniques of oncoplastic surgery to ensure that her patients have the best cosmetic outcome.

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