Molecular Genomics

Dr. Thomas Williams at Breast Care Specialists of Carolina in Mooresville, North Carolina is an advocate for treating the whole person using an individualized and personalized approach.  She is committed to providing women with treatment options that suit their needs physically, emotionally, and spiritually, while never compromising the quality of care provided.  This approach includes utilizing cutting-edge diagnostics; Dr. Thomas Williams is the only breast surgeon in the area implementing 150 gene testing to inform pre-operative treatment planning.  Dr. Thomas Williams is dedicated to providing both proper and timely breast cancer treatment which leads most women to go on and pursue rich and fulfilling lives.


MammaPrint & BluePrint®:


The MammaPrint® and BluePrint® genomic tests are used to uncover a breast tumor’s unique traits to help form a targeted treatment plan specific to each patient’s individual needs. MammaPrint® is used to determine the risk that a patient’s cancer will return. BluePrint® is used to determine which of the tumor’s genes are dictating the cancer’s behavior. When used together MammaPrint ® and BluePrint® uncover more tumor biology affording us a clearer picture for a more personalized treatment strategy.


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