Breast pain is a very common complaint of many women at some point in their lives, although most of the time the cause is benign (noncancerous). The causes of breast pain can be many, and a thorough evaluation with physical examination and breast ultrasound proves very helpful and often diagnostic. Some causes of breast pain may require fine needle aspiration to remove fluid from the breast while others are met with gentle reassurance. Whatever the cause may be, Breast Care Specialists of Carolina, PLLC is dedicated to unveiling the cause and providing treatment.


  • Menstruation and premenstrual syndrome (referred to as cyclical mastalgia or cyclical breast pain)
  • Early-stage pregnancy (breast pain typically occurs during the first trimester)
  • Breastfeeding mastitis (a blocked milk duct that becomes infected)
  • Menopause
  • Fibrocystic tissue (painful, fluid-filled cysts not directly linked to cancer)
  • Side effects of certain medications (hormone medications, some heart medications, and some psychiatric medications)
  • Insufficient breast support

In most cases, breast cancer tumors do not cause pain. That said, if you have unexplained breast pain that does not subside, or breast pain accompanied by redness, discharge, and fever, you should contact us for diagnosis and treatment

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