Our Breast Care Services

Women Wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. Princess Thomas Williams at Breast Care Specialists of Carolina in Mooresville, North Carolina provides a variety of breast care services for clients in the Mooresville area. A dedicated and skilled surgeon, Dr. Thomas Williams specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer using a variety of minimally invasive and holistic treatment options, offering compassion and understanding when experiencing breast cancer, breast pain, or breast disease.


Our experienced team is here to help our patients by providing a holistic approach to breast health, offering genetic testing, cancer screenings, and biopsy testing to aid the detection of breast cancer; and breast cancer treatment options such as lumpectomy, mastectomy, and other treatments. If you have been experiencing a potential symptom of breast disease or breast cancer, or are in need of a routine breast cancer screening, contact Breast Care Specialists of Carolina online or via telephone at 704-769-3800 to schedule an appointment in our Mooresville, NC office.

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